Ray Speakmoore & Coolio Live at Saint Rocke Dec 13th 2014

Coolio and Ray Speakmoore Hip HopHello everyone it has been a while since my last post and to be honest the rotation was a little off but I’m back in full swing, so don’t get it twisted.  Over the past couple of years it has been a time of building and I’m very excited to share all that has been in the works obviously my debut solo album, as well as the release of the album for Lex Nyte of Audiverse Entertainment.  We have been grinding it out and it will be apparent that we have really been putting in time.   Saint Rocke Hermosa Beach will be hosting myself and Coolio for a soon to sell out show.  Get your tickets they are going fast here is a link to get em’ while they are hot.

I’m excited to rock with Coolio as he is one of the few hip hop artists that really wrote quality songs that were thoughtful, fun, and of substance. I will say no more come peep the show to see history in the making.

Ray Speakmoore

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Lex Nyte – She’s a Keeper (feat. Ray Speakmoore) – Music Video Exclusive

Lex Nyte - She's a Keeper (feat. Ray Speakmoore)





This music video is spreading like wildfire and there is no end in sight at the moment.

New – Lex Nyte on iTunes

This music video by Lex Nyte features Rap Emcee Ray Speakmoore for a captivating sound about “the one” aka She’s a Keeper!

Lex Nyte & Video Production (

Executive Producer: Ray Speakmoore
Director/Co-Produced: Jorge Marcial – 1G Productions
Video Editing: Juan Maceo – JKay Studios
Scripted By: Lex Nyte

Lead Vocals: Lex Nyte
Rap Vocals in order of appearance: Ray Speakmoore, Lex Nyte
Bass- Alex White
Composed and Written by Lex Nyte and Ray Speakmoore
1st Engineer Ray Speakmoore
2nd Engineer Alison Beiley
Mixing Engineer Ray Speakmoore
Recorded and Mixed @ Audiverse Studios
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum @ Maor Appelbaum Mastering – California – U.S.A

She wakes me up cooks me breakfast in the morning time
Kisses better than eggs, (Sunny side up, up!)

She keeps shinning she keeps going
surprising never knowing what she’s gonna do for me

When I look up I see her face
nothing in this world can take her place

Everlasting heart throbbing feeling
When we go out she takes my hand

Like only a loving woman can
Keeps me younger like Peter Pan
Never Never Land, Never leaving home again

She rubs my shoulders when I come home
Just need her to never feel alone

Her tender kisses takes away all the pain


She’s a keeper 3X

Rap Verse (Ray Speakmoore)

She’s the apple of my eye
Sweeter than cinnamon apple pie

Never love her minimal
My love for her is pinnacle

It ain’t about her look
Even though she is a beauty
Loved her since I first heard her speak
My hearts reason to rock a beat

Young and innocent,
love sick,
straight sprung

I knew you were the one

My angel watching over

My lucky four leaf clover,

With whom I will grow older

You know huh :)

In my arms Ill carry you to heaven when its over!

Rap Verse 2 (Lex Nyte)
Spiritual, Intellectual, Individual
Her love give me a kill so serial
Words like a poem so lyrical
In my death bed baby like here we go
She holds my hand like baby don’t leave me lone
Can you hear me though, stay near me though
You’re my hero, this girl right here’s no zero
Now that’s a real woman
You can’t tell me it’s not true
All you ladies in the world will it be one of you
If it ever gets that serious she’ll still be right there
Lex staying on the search and I’m just wondering where

She’s a keeper 3X

Girls we’re gonna be together,
I’m gonna love you girl
See baby girl we know our place in this world
I’m never gonna let you go!
Can we please have this moment, together
So take my hand
Together we’ll stand
Cause you’re a keeper
Copyright @ Ray Speakmoore, Audiverse Entertainment
Lex Nyte appears courtesy of Audiverse Entertainment
Ray Speakmoore courtesy of Audiverse Entertainment
in conjunction with FlameStoneMusic

Lex Nyte – She’s a Keeper (feat. Ray Speakmoore)

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She’s a Keeper

She's a Keeper by Lex Nyte Feat. Ray Speakmoore         

It’s been amazing working in the studio with Lex Nyte he’s been pushing the boundaries to create phenomenal songs that really embody his voice. If you haven’t checked it out yet She’s a Keeper is the hot new track by Lex Nyte produced by truly Ray Speakmoore, oh and I dropped a hot verse on there as well. Let me know what you think :) This is one of many to come by Lex Nyte here in 2013 courtesy of Audiverse Entertainment.  Get ready  a release in the next couple weeks as well.

Ray Speakmoore

CEO Audiverse Ent./Emcee @ FlameStoneMusic Group


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New Life-Featuring Ray Speakmoore

Check out this new song By Hapizzez featuring yours truly, Ray Speakmoore.  Hope you dig it.

Peace Love,

Breaking the Mask_Hapizzez Featuring Ray Speakmoore

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FlameStone Music Website is Official

Check out the website designed by yours truly, Ray Speakmoore.  I am very amazed at how fast our collective with FlameStone Music has pulled together I really believe we are doing something that will have a world wide impact with our team.  B.I.G. C.I.T.Y will be dropping his album July 21st and pre-orders are now available from the website Hopefully we’ll see you in Texas at the world wide conference with 18,000 people in attendance this far, and I’m sure we can expect another 2,000 signing up at the gate. I will be Rockin’ the spot with Scout Da Psalmist on Saturday night, it’s gonna be mad hype with an ocean of people rockin’!

See you in Texas, and stay tuned on more from FlameStone Music and other projects I’m working on with Audiverse Entertainment.

Ray Speakmoore

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Peace to MCA

What up world I’ve been working real hard lately pushing the limits to make big things happen. I’ve been blessed to see such a full life, and I’m reminded that it is very short and that it should not be taken lightly. I push hard everyday as I’m reminded that we are not guaranteed tomorrow or even the end of the day. Today we lost a legend in the hip hop world, MCA from the Beastie Boys just passed away.  MCA passed away yesterday May 4th 2012 from cancer, as many people are falling victim to more and more.  So many billions of dollars have gone into fighting cancer and there still is no solution.  We really have to look long and hard these problems and ask why has there been no solutions, and where is all that money going, enough on that rant for now. My regards go out to MCA’s friends and family.

(Adam Yauch) AKA MCA 1964-2012
Beastie Boy forever

Love, Peace, Respect
Ray Speakmoore

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Black Presidents White Rappers

“Black Presidents White Rappers” is my up and coming album set for completion in February 2012; not that far away! Shoot me ideas what does black and white imagery make you think about, it can be anything even a polar bear and panther mixed breed which I guess would be a polar panther!  Anything give me ideas and you just might see it in the next album in some shape or form!


Ray Speakmoore

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Remembering Steve Jobs

This is to remember a great man, one who gave of himself in spirit, a man that changed the way we express our humanity through art. My first songs were realized on your computers and software, and the same is true to this day. Thank you for sharing your gifts so I can give to a world that so desperately needs change and visionaries like you Steve Jobs to carry out the change!

Ray Speakmoore
Emcee, Poet, Producer

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A&E Conference Day 3

Day 3 in Atlanta ended with a bang, what a day! Sunday morning started with a lovely egg McMuffin complements on of Da Bronze Bomber. After breakfast it was on to an awe inspiring message about the reality of the struggle that we face as artists and the reality that we have to accept the challenge with open arms if we want to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities given to us.  As artist we are in an age of evolution and we have to embrace the change.  We are so used to trying to hold on to everything in fear that we won’t be able to sustain or that our creative edge will be robbed of us so we horde our talents rather than sharing them.  Even the birds are fed every day how much more will God take care of us, his people!  Speech hit home stating that we are a light to the world and that like and candle when it lights another does not lose its light, but creates an even greater light when it has been multiplied, this is us Gods people and all that he affords us! This was a life changing and career fueling weekend and these next two years will be incredible as my vision has grown 10 times larger then it was previously, here I come world!

Ray Speakmoore

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A&E Conference Day 2

Freestyle sessions, great insights into the music business, concerts, great food in ATL. What more could you ask for. This was another amazing day in Atlanta learning so much about the intensity and importance of business in our world of music.  Just when I thought knew some things I’m back to basics on refining my hustle.  Scout Da Psalmist did a mean Cheese Whiz Freestyle as the rest squad unleashed throat busting verses in a cacophony of musical genius, great times!  It was an amazing evening getting to see Speech and Arrested Development do their thing live breaking down the walls of musical stereotypes and delivering truth and reality in every ounce of artistic expression that was organically blended into the heart beat of the music.  Congas, percussion, guitars, emceeing, keys, dancing and so much more WOW this was all live and off the hook. Can’t wait for day 3!

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