Summer Solstice 2011 a success!

I just wanted to say how amazing Summer Solstice 2011 was. There was all kinds of things going on music, spoken word, art, food, live web broadcast, red carpet pics etc… Nomis came with it at the show, as well as many other acts including myself of course, Wentrelle Damarr, Michael Clark and Orion Phoenix, Prophet, Hapizzez, Tu-Deep, SteadFast, Strawberry Cotton, Joshua Brown, and Love Flowz. We also had a guest appearance by Pioneer from the Los Angeles area “Celah”! I know that next years event will only get better and I’m psyched for the near future with an amazing show which will be my solo album release party going down in November. It will be an amazing turnout and I hope if you’re reading this you will spread the word and bring everyone and their mom with you as well. Nothing but fun and memories at a Ray Speakmoore/Audiverse Ent. event.   I want to give a shout out to UCC for all of their support.  I also want to thank my team of staff that did an incredible job making the show run like a machine. Special thanks to Tyler Morrisette for being my right hand man and director for the event.   If you want to see footage go to the link below.

Peace, Love,

Ray Speakmoore

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