A&E Conference Day 1

It’s a great feeling to breathe sometimes! In Atlanta and didn’t think it would be possible, but all things are possible with faith, got my plane ticket hooked up and I can’t be more grateful!  I’m seeing that this perspective on things is going to change my whole outlook and drive on how I push the limits of my music and the way that I live; watch out world no more excuses!  The weather out here in Atlanta is beautiful this was day one for me at the A&E Arts and Entertainment Conference 2011.  There were some great performances by Chase Innis, Chad Talo and Gravity tha Emcee, Scout tha Psalmist, and the Elements, and too many more to name; oh, and don’t worry you know I got on the mic and had to rock in the open mic session where it was on and poppin’.  Wish everyone got to experience an amazing event like this in their lifetime.  It’s 3:30am in ATL right now, but I’m still on Cali time so it’s early for me only 12:28am and I am amped on the energy and vision that is opening up for me as God makes its apparent that doors are open and ready to be walked through!

Ray Speakmoore

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