A&E Conference Day 3

Day 3 in Atlanta ended with a bang, what a day! Sunday morning started with a lovely egg McMuffin complements on of Da Bronze Bomber. After breakfast it was on to an awe inspiring message about the reality of the struggle that we face as artists and the reality that we have to accept the challenge with open arms if we want to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities given to us.  As artist we are in an age of evolution and we have to embrace the change.  We are so used to trying to hold on to everything in fear that we won’t be able to sustain or that our creative edge will be robbed of us so we horde our talents rather than sharing them.  Even the birds are fed every day how much more will God take care of us, his people!  Speech hit home stating that we are a light to the world and that like and candle when it lights another does not lose its light, but creates an even greater light when it has been multiplied, this is us Gods people and all that he affords us! This was a life changing and career fueling weekend and these next two years will be incredible as my vision has grown 10 times larger then it was previously, here I come world!

Ray Speakmoore

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