Summer Solstice 2011 a success!

I just wanted to say how amazing Summer Solstice 2011 was. There was all kinds of things going on music, spoken word, art, food, live web broadcast, red carpet pics etc… Nomis came with it at the show, as well as many other acts including myself of course, Wentrelle Damarr, Michael Clark and Orion Phoenix, Prophet, Hapizzez, Tu-Deep, SteadFast, Strawberry Cotton, Joshua Brown, and Love Flowz. We also had a guest appearance by Pioneer from the Los Angeles area “Celah”! I know that next years event will only get better and I’m psyched for the near future with an amazing show which will be my solo album release party going down in November. It will be an amazing turnout and I hope if you’re reading this you will spread the word and bring everyone and their mom with you as well. Nothing but fun and memories at a Ray Speakmoore/Audiverse Ent. event.   I want to give a shout out to UCC for all of their support.  I also want to thank my team of staff that did an incredible job making the show run like a machine. Special thanks to Tyler Morrisette for being my right hand man and director for the event.   If you want to see footage go to the link below.

Peace, Love,

Ray Speakmoore

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Nomis Hip Hop Performance at Summer Solstice 2011

Nomis will be performing at Summer Solstice and will be killin’ it showcasing some new joints from his new up and coming album. Check out Nomis’ website and listen to his track “Back to Earth” at

Check his music video:

Nomis has rocked with the likes of Members of the legendary Deepspace5 crew, Scribbling Idiots, Gallery Drive, Blame One, and Supernatural to name a few. His music is thought provoking and crazy energetic, with an original flare showcasing his personality and deeply rooted Hip Hop flavor.

Don’t miss the Hip Hop and Spoken Word Event Summer Solstice on August 20th at UCC 5831 Centinela Ave. Los Angeles, CA
(310) 670-4747 - Directions

For Tickets use the events page on

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Summer Solstice 2011

What up every one come check out the show it’s gonna be CRAAAAAAZY!  Every other day I am going to make a post about one of the artists that are performing at this years Summer Solstice Hip Hop and Spoken Word Event.  Check the events page for more info.

Ticket Type

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Like the wind~

We breathe without a thought, without instinct, without command.  Consciousness absorbed, it comes and goes like the tides of the oceans pushed by the wind. To hold your breath is to obstruct the flow of life.  In an instant we breathe but for an eternity there after we are breathless.  Breath of life or Breathless in death which is more important. Like the wind we are, we come and go, till on the shores we crash again.

Ray Speakmoore

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Back at me!

Sometimes we wake up and wonder what we we’ll become, but that question is a lie, we already are. We try so hard to reach outside of ourselves for something that isn’t organic, when we really should capture the essence of our nature; we are the branches of a tree, and life lives within us and fruit comes from us. This is what it means to be real! It means we are the source of life that exists in all and through all. So when I wake up I remind myself to forget what the rest of the world thinks I should be, because I already am back at me!

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The Energy of Knowing!

Hello world today I wanted to share with you how great a day it was.  I had a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long time, and that is not just because I live in L.A. but because I found the missing piece to my puzzle.  Take a wild guess………………………………….. USC!  Wow who would have thought, but it made perfect sense to me as I walked about the campus this afternoon checking out the scenery and meeting people and pondering upon my future as alumni at one of the top business universities in the USA.  USC, ah USC the home of the Trojans, school of brilliant minds, school of Lil’ Romeo Master P’s son and many more to be spoken, but I will stop this blog with one last thought.  Try something everyday that you are afraid of doing and you will find yourself a fearless leader one day. I make moves like Kobe, million dollar Sports are Illustrated and that’s when you’ll know me.

Ray Speakmoore


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Up Late Monday Morning 1:22am

What up friends, fam, world…..

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the place we live in; it’s a very interesting world. Some of the people I would expect the most from can be the most disappointing, and the ones I expect the least from surprise me tremendously.  Many of my perceptions of people are usually different from the realities and I learn everyday that there is only one that deserves to have any expectations of people at all, and that is not me of course. I just wanted to share this with everyone, because I think it’s important to give everyone a chance and not get stuck on what we think or expect people to be or do, but rather think out of ourselves enough to appreciate others to find what is good.

Love, peace, regards,

Ray Speakmoore

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.
Albert Einstein

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B.O.B Nothin’ On You

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Welcome to 2.0

Welcome to the new, take a look at the media page to see what is going on with Ray Speakmoore and sign up to post comments here on the home page.  If you’d like to support join the street team and let us know how you would like to contribute your talents.

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