San Diego, Ca


Ray Speakmoore was born in San Diego, California, in a family that was shaken by drugs and instability. By the age of 7 Speakmoore began crafting poetry as an outlet. After being raised by his mother until the age of 10 Ray was moved with his father who struggled with addiction. During this time his mother turned to homelessness and heavier drug use. Struggling to find himself in a conflicted world, miraculously Ray fell in love with Christ at age 16. In that same year he founded his passion for the art of beatboxing which segued naturally into his passion for lyricism and the poetic storytelling. This change in Speakmoore created a ripple effect where God began using him in incredible ways. Later Speakmoore honed his musical talents right off the famed strip of Rosecrans Blvd. in Los Angeles.




Some of the noteables to have influence in Ray Speakmoore's music include: Tupac, Mos Def, Krs-One, Method Man, The RZA, Herbie Hancock, Wyclef Jean, Dr. Dre, Rage Against the Machine, and Pink Floyd amongst others. Another tremendous influence in Speakmoore's musical journey was his connection with Zak Najor drummer for The Greyboy Allstars.  During his high school years Speakmoore would freestyle for hours while Zak Najor would improvise funk, hip hop, and jazz rhythms. This was an intregal time for Speakmoore developing his rhythmic vocabulary.


Purpose & Vision


As founder of Audiverse Entertainment his mission is "To create entertaining multimedia content that inspires and gives back to the community."


Ray Speakmoore is pioneering music delivery as a technology guru and entreprenuer in the arts. His vision will see equality for all musicians alike, something that has not been a reality since the beginning of the record industry almost 100 years ago.




Ray has held his own on big stages with the likes of Coolio, Dead Prez, The Outlawz, Kurupt, and DJ Quick. Ray Speakmoore Produced the album called "The Way We Live: a Hip Hop Odyssey" as his first debut with the group Original Blend while still in college. Shortly after his first major production with "Original Blend" Ray Speakmoore had the opportunity to work with Music Legend Herbie Hancock. While under mentorship with Hancock Music. Speakmoore lived through the changing seasons in the career of a multi grammy winning artist. Ray Speakmoores  "Black Presidents White Rappers" is Now Available!